On this page notable changes to Addrow are listed since february 2020.

January, 2022

  • Added the option to set mark expense vat as shifted.

May, 2021

  • Added the option to set the language (either English or Dutch) of your customer.
  • Added the option to set the VAT no. of your customer which is added to the invoice.

February, 2021

  • Added the option to include the PDF files when creating a yearly export of invoices.
  • Added the option to include the attached file to expenses when creating a yearly export.

October, 2020

  • The report page has been extended with yearly figures.

July, 2020

  • An FAQ section has been added to the website.

June, 2020

  • Several invoice font family options have been added for subscribers.

March, 2020

  • We have switched from our own SMTP mail server to Postmark for reliable email service.
  • The API documentation is now part of the main website and has been extended.
  • Minor design changes have been made to the website.
  • An export option for expenses has been added.
  • It is now possible to create a credit invoice.
  • Added an additional e-mail field for customers that is used for CC's.

February, 2020

  • The UI of the application has been updated.
  • Stripe has been added as a payment link provider. You can now use Mollie or Stripe for payment links.
  • It is now possible to manage your expenses in Addrow.